We are getting married!

He got down on one knee

I stammer gasped a yes

We are awesome

We are in love

Charles and Michelle

Celebrate how awesome and in love we are with us.



Our story

We met on a fateful day where he rear-ended my car and I cursed him to high heaven. Charles will insist it was fate, but we all know that he is not the best driver. From there we went for our first coffee, first dinner, first date, first time meeting the parents, first time moving in, first time overseas, first real job - a lot of firsts. A lot of ups, some downs, and now we are ready for this to last forever.

Travel around the world

Important Dates

September 15th - We met

September 20th - First date

March 10th - First time said "I love you"

November 3rd - First time we admitted we needed each other

March 13th - Charles proposed Michelle said yes

Winter wonderland

We are going to be getting married and we want you to join us!

Come and enjoy a weekend at our favorite spot with us as we tie the knot.

RSVP below! 

chessy hand heart

Hands forever

Charles and Michelle



The Proposal

We love travelling. We have gone to Budapest, Marrakesh, Tokyo, Prague, Paris, Avignon, Cork, New York, Florida... and this time we took a trip to Italy. 

Michelle's memory:

As we finished a long day of wine tasting and were wandering back to our hotel through the twisty roads of Florence. Charles had to tie his shoes. While I waited listening to the sounds of Italy, he asked if "Do you want to do this?

To which I just looked at him because of course I don't want to tie his shoe for him. 

It took some time for me to process that Charles was holding a little box open with a ring. He asked again with a smile on his face. "So, do you want to do this"

I just stared and stared and all that was in my head was absolutely and the words followed

"Yes Indeed"

Charles memory:

I had been practicing this for days. Michelle probably was annoyed at how often my shoes needed to be tied. We had been out all day at a lovely vineyard so it was time to walk back to the hotel to get ready for a night of fun. 

We were walking and my shoe really did come untied, right in front of this place that was playing live music - one of the things we absolutely loved about Italy- and I figured this was what I had been practicing for. So I asked her "Do you want to do this?

And then silence, a horrible gut-wrenching silence. I asked again "Ugh, do you want to do this"

More silence and then the song ended in the restaurant, and I was thinking how cliche... and then I heard it. 

"Yes Indeed"



Italy 1


"Do you want to do this"


"Yes Indeed"


RSVP to the wedding

Come on out to the family farm. We will be celebrating the weekend of October 4th. The ceremony will be on Saturday starting at 15h.

We will have rooms and lodging available. Details will be forthcoming

We are awesome. We are in love. Yes Indeed

In order to ensure the maximum amount of merriment, food, wine, and to provide enough space we invite you to reserve now. Not later, now. You know how much of a planner Charles is and we want this thing to exceed all expectations. 

While we love meeting new people, this day we want to share with those that are close - and those who won't be embarrassed by how much in love we are


I will be

Family farm?


Family farm


Come on out to the family farm. We will be celebrating all of the weekend of October 4th. The ceremony will be on Saturday starting at 15h.

We will have rooms and lodging available on the land. We have 12 guest rooms, as well as Teepees to set up if you want to sleep under the stars. 

See you soon